Saturday, September 15, 2007

love it or hate it

This horny creature is a durian.

Not living smack bang in the middle of Asia, these goodies take a while to get here. This one was rather brown but the fruit was still creamy and sweet.

It's a rich food, full of natural fats and sugars. To me it tastes of slightly burnt caramel.

Now the problem is some people don't like it because it's a bit whiffy. The odour is due to a number of volatile constituents including ketones and sulfur. Some might say that could mean the bastard offspring of a rotten egg and nail polish remover. But really, it is not that bad.

There are various customs around how and when durian is eaten, which I never heard the first time I had this luscious fruit. It was hacked apart about the time a bottle of delightful champagne was opened and the combination of the two made many increasingly unhappy returns!

These days a segment of durian eaten straight, in the sun is good enough for me.

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