Sunday, July 23, 2006


The one I love returned from Sydney a little shaken from 8 days of hell. As we drove home from the airport he said, “I’ve got you a surprise, to thank you for your help this week”. Other than muttering about no need for thanks, I said one word.


He sat stony-faced giving nothing away.

Once home he pulled out a huge white box, tied with a beautiful blue ribbon. I cracked a huge smile.

Inside was more chocolate than I can should eat in a month. Gorgeous, handmade chocolates from a modest Sydney suburb. He had picked all the dairy free goodies from their selection, including fresh dates, dried mango, candied slices of orange and hazelnuts – all dipped in Belgian coverture loveliness.

Give a girl chocolate and she will be your friend for life.

Give a girl Adora chocolates and there’s a good chance she’ll love you forever.

Featuring: the return of pictures and my favourite Wedgwood antique plates

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