Tuesday, June 03, 2014

the butcher, the baker, the...

Or rather the organic stall owner, the fishmonger, the guy who grinds my coffee.

There’s my favourite manager at the pub up the road, who always ducks out and shares a hug if she’s free when I pass by and restaurateurs in the neighbourhood strip.

These are the providores who populate my world.

And they’re the people I’ve been saying goodbye to this week - my favourite stalls at Vic Market, the local shops and restaurants.

It will take a while in my new city to find my food tribe, as much as I look forward to discovering them there’s something so special about Melbourne’s food community (and bloggers!) – from the multigenerational families who sell me feijoas or fillet the fish, to newer kids on the block who’ve garnered respect.

So in Sydney’s Inner West where I can get great vegan dips, or (not so vegan) fresh fish? Where are the freshest nuts and vibrant herbs? Come on Sydney – woo me and welcome me into your fold.

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Anonymous Amanda @ Gourmanda said...

I'm a North Shore dweller in Sydney so can't really help you with Inner West recommendations...but welcome to Sydney! As a fellow original Melbournian, I highly suggest that you sign up for Jetstar promotional emails for cheap flights home for a long weekend. :P

1:49 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Thanks for the welcome Amanda. You never know...I might venture across the bridge again one day! Will keep an eye on your blog when I do. I lived on the lower Nth Shore a million years ago. Beautiful part of the world. BTW Jetst*r has got enough out of me already after semi-commuting for the last 4 years. Nice to not have to do the mad Friday night flight for a long time!

2:01 pm  

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