Thursday, May 12, 2011

vegging in after popping out

I've been across the Tasman for a while. My mother was moved recently to a nursing home after a fall. Do you know how difficult it is, in a small city, to get care for someone with dementia who is not mobile? The good news is she's walking again, shuffling and sometimes falling but hopefully that means she can stay where she is. Anyway, long story short, I've not been cooking much of late. So excuse this little cheat, a post I've made elsewhere on the net, tweaked a little for you reading pleasure.


For many years my favourite part of waking up on a Monday was listening to Flip Shelton talk about food on RRR. I miss her vibrant recipes and triathalon updates. I loved her first cookbook Green (now sadly out of print) and have been waiting eagerly for her next publication.

Veg In: Simple Vegetarian Dishes from Around the World is a nifty book of easy to prepare “takeaways” made cheaply and healthily at home. She promises the recipes will save you money, calories and even time. From Greek dolmades to Japanese tempura, Flip sets out simple ways to recreate your favourite vegetarian dishes, as well as innovative baked potato and pizza toppings.

Veg In is a simple but effective cookbook. The recipes are uncomplicated, perfect for novices and under confident cooks. The recipes aren’t rocket science and won’t take all day to prepare. Being written by a Melburnian is an added bonus as all the ingredients are easy to source locally.

This cookbook is ideal for someone who’d like to extend their vegetarian repertoire, omnivores wanting to diversify their diet (or choosing to practice Meatless Mondays) and those newly “converted” to vegetarianism. The majority of dishes are vegan-friendly and many are also gluten-free.

My only criticism of the book is that it has no index, so you can't hunt by recipe or ingredient. I found this rather frustrating and hope if the book gets a second print run that this problem will be remedied. Veg In is probably not for the gourmet cook, for those more accomplished in the kitchen wanting to expand their vegetarian range my pick would be Feel Good Food

Veg In: Simple Vegetarian Dishes from Around the World by Flip Shelton (Wakefield Press, RRP $29.95)

See Lucy's review of Veg In and one of Flip's recipes.

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Anonymous Lucy said...

yes! the tempura. i forgot to say how much we loved flip's tempura.

plus, i loved seeing damien pike - the mushroom man at prahran market - with flip, both grinning their gorgeous grins away in the book.

4:29 pm  
Blogger Johanna GGG said...

glad to hear your mum is doing ok - finding nursing homes is stressful - so hope you are still eating well even if you don't get in the kitchen yourself - never really looked at flip's books much but will keep my eye out for the new one (scary that her first is already out of print - these print runs don't really last that long)

9:32 pm  
Blogger Ann O'Dyne said...

Yes I do know how hard it is and you have empathy from me. It has taken me a whole year of battling with his quack, to get my father fixed up.
Finally, we all discover he had several unreported strokes. christ.

Rare for me, I am cooking, right now, on an AGA, and have realised how divine the aroma of a huge pot of carrots is.
The AGA experience is something else too. I have several saucepans going, and the flexibility of heat beats all other stoves hands down. I now understand why they are a cult. and they warm the whole house too. AGA rocks.

9:28 am  

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