Sunday, November 07, 2010

crookssource - downfall edition

What a wild few days it has been in the world of blogging. Copyright and the issue of "public domain" has been front page news. If you've been in a monastry this week you may have missed the Cooks Source debacle, where an editor lifted Monica Gaudio's old blog post and when caught out by the author responded, "It was "my bad" indeed, and, as the magazine is put together in long sessions, tired eyes and minds somethings forget to do these things" and suggested, "We put some time into rewrites, you should compensate me!"

The email that's spawned a thousand tweets, facebook hijackings, blogposts and mainstream media responses has now entered the viral hall of fame with it's own Downfall take off.

Social media never sleeps. The spinoffs are endless including a facebook page dedicated to collating all the other articles editor Judith Griggs has reprinted without permission. Are there any local bloggers part of this burgeoning alumni?

UPDATE: Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a blogger? There's now the "But honestly Monica..." range of aprons, mugs, t-shirts.... LOL.

15 November 2010: The Hampshire Daily Gazette published a sympathetic interview with Griggs. Sure she's genuinely sorry but that appears to be more about the effect of the fallout. She's still claims that some aspects of copyright is a "gray area". She blames one of her contributers for another potential copyright infringement and as to the alleged 160 cases of misappropriated articles,"Griggs said she believes that number is inflated and, without having seen the list, could not respond."

18 November 2010: At the request of numerous readers Monica has reluctantly published her emails to the editor of Cooks Source. The implication was she had written something inflammatory to Griggs. Take a look for yourself.

Personally, I was a tad disappointed to see not a single "my bad" on Monica's side of the correspondence.

Update 20/11/10 The Cooks Source site appears to have been sold, leased or hacked as it's now redirected to a web wrangling business.

The Boston Globe article (published three days ago) mentioned that Cooks Source had recently published the following statement.
"The bad news is that this is probably the final straw for Cooks Source," says the unsigned note posted on Cooks Source website. "We have never been a great money-maker even with all the good we do for businesses. Having a black mark wont help ... and now, our black mark will become our shroud. ... This will end us."
... "I really wish she (Monica Gaudio) had given me a chance to respond to her before blasting me. She really never gave me a chance."

As previous links show, Gaudio had indeed, quietly and respectfully via email, made reasonable requests and it was Griggs arrogant response that most likely set the ball in motion.

Weeks later, Griggs is still crying that she is the victim in all this. When will she learn the irony of "her bad"?

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Blogger Bryan said...

Interesting commentary. I'll share it on twitter ;)

10:16 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Byran check the twitter hashtag #crookssource :)

8:37 am  
Anonymous Lucy said...

Obviously I have been living in said monastry (that's what happens when you spend all weekend gardening)...far out! Madness. bad...where have manners gone?

8:42 am  
Blogger Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

oh my - yes i MUST have been living in a monastry becuase this is the first I have heard of it!

8:52 am  
Blogger Ann O'Dyne said...

the source of the sauce is crook.

(I was visiting Laura in the monastery.)

1:29 pm  
Blogger Ann O'Dyne said...

oh thank you FN, I just enjoyed some of the pages of "But honestly Monica"'s ... don't look now but I'm editing the Ten Commandments and I'm sure you'll see that I've made them better. The first one is thou shalt not be a whiny bitch who calls for help from the socialist conspiracy that is undermining America and any last vestige of human decency'

my blogs are rubbish so I am safe from anybody wanting to claim them as their own. Mediocrity protects!

1:58 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

I just love it how the editor took her nasty medieval spellings of Monica's academic article and modernised them for her.

AND didn't charge her for the nonsensical rewrite!

5:30 pm  
Blogger BwcaBrownie said... says:

"I wonder if attention will turn next to sister publication Travel Source. It’s ironic that the Travel Source Facebook page, which so far has only 15 likes, says under the information tab:

“Travel Source is a monthly publication dedicated to marketing small businesses in Western New England. It is produced by Cooks Source Publications and is copy-right protected, and may not be reproduced without permission of the publisher.”

6:22 pm  

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