Saturday, February 09, 2008

taking a moment

Buttering my toast for brunch today, I took a moment.

The toaster tripped the fuse box on Australia day (the first day of a long weekend), which caused much consternation about getting an electrician out at 8pm on a public holiday. Fortunately I talked to a very nice sparky who helped me find the cause without him leaving his festivities or me reaching for my wallet. As a result the toaster was binned. Not a problem as I use it only a couple of times a month.

So today I got the urge for scrambled eggs on toast. I sliced some nice local sourdough bread and it butterflied out so beautifully I left it attached and slid it under the griller. As I buttered the toast I took a moment. What did it look like? A cross section of organ through a CT scan, a misshapened heart, a butterfly?

Today I’m taking a lot of moments. To smell the air charged with rain, to cuddle the cats that vie endlessly for attention, to listen to music, to write some thoughts. Actually, I’m paying attention NOW after I had a gmail chat with a friend, browsing endless sites between the ‘bong’ of the next message – I was even planning my lunch, carrying the macbook around the house while I did all this and not surprisingly – accidentally closed the mail page mid chat , just as she was getting to the most interesting chunk of news.

In the moment, I stopped and watched the butter melt. I admired the just-right amount of done-ness in the grilling of the bread. I sat at the table and ate with the lid of the computer firmly closed.

Take a moment. What do you smell, see, hear, feel, taste?

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Blogger Lord Sedgwick said...

Sure that the stuff on the plate is quite edible, but it looks terrifying like a picture of lungs that the 'Quit' people serve up to dissuade the faggers. (and me be an ex fagger of 30 years standing.)

8:58 pm  

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