Saturday, January 19, 2008

science lab in the kitchen

How do you like you carrots? Raw, steamed, grated, glazed, juiced or as 'caviar'? Molecular gastronomy just aint my thing. I aim to keep my food as close to nature as possible, so shopping for ingredients at a chemistry supply store doesn't appeal. I must also admit a recipe that calls for highly accurate scales sends a shiver down my 'a pinch of this' and a 'handful of that' spine.

But as we are not all food nazi's - for your amusement and culinary enjoyment - here's a link for some DIY, El Bulli style carrot caviar from Instructables. While you are there check out how to make your own cookie (biscuit) cutters - nothing more fun than using power tools in the kitchen!

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Blogger Ed said...

I have a sample of some chemicals to make some of this rubbish. I think i realy want to make gin caviar though, perhaps Sloe Gin to make it interesting. I recently clean installed software on my computer and lost your email. Are you still keen on a Bloggers banquet north of the river for Feb. The Purple Goddess was asking as she's thinking of something down in Dromana at the end of Feb.

10:42 am  

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