Sunday, September 09, 2007

just a little treat or 2 before the detox

as I began writing this a sweet, young thing walked past my window talking on her phone, she sang "summer time and the drinking is sangria!" ...well it made me giggle :)

Spring has arrived - the puddles of warmth are hinting at picnics yet to come, salads are already back on the dinner table and for some it apparantly means sangria season (though for me it is the return to sauv blanc and sparkling). Spring also means detox time. This year it has been harder to slip in, with a an apparent solar-fueled rush to socialise again. A date has been set, quarantined from requests to sup and dine. I think you will notice when it begins.

In the meantime a neighbour offered me a dozen eggs "fresh from the chooks bums" - how could I refuse. Having already had scrambled eggs for breakfast, I felt some compulsion to do some baking or something otherwise extravagant with the surplus. The early hint of hayfever puts me off a full on flourfest but an old family recipe came to mind and I whipped up a round of irresistable chocolate mousse - this time even richer with a block each of Lindt 70% and 85% chocolate. While the dark goodness melted I dipped a few of the ridiculously out of season strawberries the Significant Eater insists on buying. This way there is a chocolate treat tonight, while we wait the agonising 12 or so hours for the mousse to set.

Spring is known for many things - patience is not one of them! I'd better enjoy it while it lasts as a week or two of austerity beckons. All the better to enjoy the other delights of the season!

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