Sunday, June 24, 2007

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Boy, I love Indonesian is a vego/piscaterian paradise.

While I sit in an anonymous transit lounge in yet another asian country (note to self: tell travel agent that transiting in KL for 5 hours, when we could have flown direct was a really dumb idea...and I haven't even begun the nighttime haul of the journey)..I am dreaming of gado gado, nasi goreng, wonderful Sasak bbq fish and even the Padang style "point and shoot" food (you point to the delicous morsels in the case, you eat and if you are unlucky it shoots straight through you shortly after, again and again..)

I've been to cooking school, well for half a day at least and what we cooked was the most fantastic meal of the whole and more on that later. But for now it's time to explore what's on offer in the refreshment bar.

See you back in the cold city!

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