Sunday, November 20, 2005

food confession #2

Let’s say, a bit like the whole coffee conundrum, I have a small weakness for chocolate. I had stopped buying it for months til I came across a forgotten friend at a local organic grocery establishment this week. There she was, off the shelves for so long that I thought she had ceased to exist, back in full luxurious glory – Green & Black’s dark cherry chocolate. Her pedigree was always excellent – organic, fair trade, dairy free, delicious and an antioxidant double act to boot. She’s pricey (very little change out of AU$12), but she’s worth it.

At a mere 60% cocoa mass she's a little lighter than her Mayan Gold sister (70%) but this makes it just sweet enough to highlight the bitterness of the cherries. A cunning combo. This is a dessert chocolate extraordinaire and vies with the creamy dark peppermint as an all time favourite.

The price never seemed much of a problem when you added the whole fair trade issue into the picture. The story began with a nice couple visiting Belize and getting involved with some local cocao growers who had been shafted by the big firms who had dropped their price. But in May this year the equation changed when G&B sold the company to the big boys (they don’t need a plug, just think dairy milk). The fair trade and guaranteed organic content continues, but can I feel so good forking over the dosh for a multinational to make a profit? It seems I am not the only one to ask this question.

Who knows, but I guess for now the proof is in the eating.



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