Monday, April 22, 2013

collard greens

Rarely do I suffer from buyers remorse. But two weeks ago I was struck with the regret that comes from forgoing a purchase.

I looked at the collard greens in all their splendour and hesitated. With a head of savoy cabbage begging to be eaten in the fridge at home, as well as the small acreage of silverbeet in the garden, I really didn’t need more greens.

At home, collard greens-less I suffered remorse. What would those fleshy leaves taste like? How would I cook them? Were there any recipes for collard greens that didn’t feature pig in some form?

But all was not lost. Seven days later, a fresh bunch stood ready and waiting at my favourite organic stall and this time I didn’t hesitate.

How do they taste?

Cabbage-y, a definite brassica.

The leaves were more tender than they looked and didn’t need to cook as long as expected.

The perfect dish for collard greens?

The winner, hands down, has to be colcannon. The slow cooked greens work well against the softness of mashed potatoes spiked with onions, garlic and anchovies.

Have you cooked with collard greens? What do you make with them?

Is there an American peasant food revolution going on here in Australia that I don't know about? What next, Poke salad Annie?

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Blogger Johanna GGG said...

I've wondered when we will get collard greens - I seem to see them a lot on American blogs and am curious to try them - often see them wrapped around some very healthy raw veg

11:34 pm  
Anonymous All Seasons Catering said...

For one of our Perth caterers party catering menue we often incorporate a serving of collared greens.

1:49 am  
Anonymous lucy said...

hey, if you can find a copy of deborah madison's new book vegetable literacy, she's got some great ideas using indian flavourings, coconut milk and turmeric and ginger.

am growing them this year - love 'em!

11:35 am  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

No more collard greens last week at the market. Very fleeting their appearance was. If they return will check out Maddison. Thanks.

3:42 pm  

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