Monday, March 18, 2013

pina colada iceblocks

The long heatwave has not been conducive to cooking or writing. Though it did appear to be the perfect time to moan about the weather.

But long hot spells are an appropriate time to do a bit of a pantry cleaning and make ice blocks.

Not just any kind of iceblock (icy pole, Popsicle – call it what you will) but pina colada ice blocks. 

Inspired by this recipe (which was altogether too fiddly, boozy and you know what I think about agave), the pantry haul included a can of coconut water (that had added sugar so never drunk), a tin of pineapple in juice bought for my father’s recent visit (his habitual morning repast of tinned fruit and cornflakes) and a dash of Malibu from a long, long time ago in lieu of coconut essence. I would have added the cornflakes if I could.

Combined in a large jug, whirled together with the stick blender, this made more liquid than could fill the 10 moulds I own. The leftover large glassful was equally delightful and the dash of grog had little or no effect but added perfectly to the flavour.

Frozen, these beauties have been a dream on these 30c nights. Providing the perfect after work reviver or post salad treat. And while I feel dirty even mentioning the word 'kilojoule' on this blog, they would have to be significantly less calorific than the original recipe. 

So you can have two!

Glad I’ve got a few left, as despite the wintry change there’s promise of almost hitting 30c again this week.

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Blogger Johanna GGG said...

there are benefits in a heatwave - we made limeade and made it into icy poles because limes were cheap - am thinking of repeating it with more cheap limes even though it is not as hot now

9:55 pm  

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