Saturday, February 25, 2012


New season Victorian eggplants $6 kg/Vic market late February

Aren't these babies gorgeous? Didn't buy any because I've got my own beauties in the garden. This week three of my home grown Japanese eggplants joined chillies and tomatoes from the veggie patch (and some pumpkin and zucchini from the market) in a variation on this tagine. The first meal I ate with fish, the second was just vegetables, served on a decent chunk of panfried tofu (and none of the usually carbs). It was a great combo. I always top with a dollop of tahini and a handful of fresh coriander leaves. Never fails to satisfy taste buds and tummy.

Just love the assorted jars for the blossoms

Mixed Business, a decent walk away so I feel like I've earned breakfast by the time I get there. Excellent potato and rosemary rosti. Staff always delightful (even if some of the customers aren't).

Market day haul/mid February

$40 worth of produce, mostly organic (the blueberries took up a large percentage of the total cost). About two thirds of the shopping for a week where I'd only be home for four or five nights. Augmented by leafy greens and tomatoes in the garden. Have been a juicing queen of late. Cucumber and sorrel have joined the usual veggie suspects. I feel healthy just thinking about it.

What's been tickling your fancy lately?

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