Monday, December 19, 2011

the ones that got away

In October I quietly ignored the 6th anniversary of Confessions of a Food Nazi. There’s been a lot of water (and homemade cordial) under the bridge since that first post on rhubarb with strawberries and rosewater.

At the beginning of the year I went mad on fish cutlets in a tomato and olive sauce. Just remembering it now is driving me crazy with desire, it was just so darn good. But give me a glut of tomatoes and I’m still more likely to make the vegan wonder of 2010 (tofu in a gingery tomato sauce) instead.

In June I had a wet weekend in Newcastle and ate Balinese food and in August I hung out with people from Newcastle in Bali at the Mindfulness retreat. Despite the weather, I enjoyed the NSW city but for the food, swimming and massage I'd be back on a plane to Indonesia any day.

Though Bali was the sweet spot of the year, the vegan truffle redux were a close second. The only food promise I’ll make for 2012 is there will be more experimentation with coconut oil extracted flavours. Plus lots more vegan food as the Significant Eater has announced, that for now, he’s joined the ranks. This summer I’ll be making more quinoa and millet dishes than you can poke a stick at.

Beyond my own kitchen I’ll take a stab at local food trends 2012:

  1. Coconut will be king. I’m predicting coconut oil, water, milk, cream and even dried coconut in various forms will be the new hot flavour. Or maybe it’s because I have a Mr Nice Guy coconut vegan cupcake still a vibrant memory in my mouth from lunch?

  1. Macarons have had their day; they jumped the shark when supermarkets started to sell them. Canelles could be in for a similar fate. I don’t think it’ll trend but I’d love the irony if macaroons became the new macarons (and that’d segue nicely from my first prediction!)

  1. Local honey. The city is becoming alive with hives on urban rooftops and any hip eatery seems to be doubling as an apiary. In 2012 I’m predicting we’ll see honey labelled by street name, a little like Swords wines celebrated the back streets of Fitzroy in the ‘80s.

For now I’ll save my rants on the zillions of dumb emails I got courtesy of the blog this year (there are doozies, I promise you) and leave you with a few pics of the posts the got away

I grew parsnips for the first time, the first flush of young veg were so tender you could eat them raw. Nothing like the old tired ones that make their way to the shops.

Wraps are my home lunchtime fallback. Something leafy and green from the garden, tomato and avocado if there's any to be found and some kind of protein. Often panfried tofu or this tempeh fried with kecap manis. A little mayo never goes astray if the mountain bread is a little on the dry side.

I'm a sucker for Noisette's fig and apricot fruit loaf. In the rare event there's any leftover on the weekend, I make thick batons, dunk in vanilla scented beaten egg and whip up the most amazing French toast. Best served drenched in pure maple and organic strawberries.

I love to have my main meal at lunch (and then just a wrap for dinner) some days. This was a pepper crusted hunk of flash fried tuna (cut into strips so I could lazily eat the meal with only a fork), topped with tuna and Kalamata olives, served with roast asparagus and potatoes. A Nicoise bake, rather than salad.

My October trip back to Wellington, I got to have brunch at Larder in Miramar (aka Wellywood). Celeriac and smoked eel in a breakfast dish? It made my day.

What stood out (or got away) in your journey through 2011? Do take a punt at some food trends!

Have a pleasant season of over-eating and a healthy New Year.

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Blogger Johanna GGG said...

Fresh parsnips from the garden sounds magnificent - glad you are still going strong after 6 years - and very interesting that the significant eater has changed his diet - is that the influence of sydney!

I agree that coconut is the new wonder ingredient - I am in love with coconut sugar that I think is probably going to make more inroads (and hopefully become cheaper) though I can't quite get the coconut oil thing - too much like eating suntan cream

Have a great festive season and a great 2012 - it was great that you organised the bloggers picnic this year and I hope there might be a few more picnics next year!

3:19 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Coconut sugar is on my "to try" list (yes horribly behind even my own trends) but I adore coconut oil, I love the smell and the flavour. Maybe it's because it reminds me of Bali?

Have a great xmas Johanna.

1:55 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a great rest AOF and look forward to picking your brain IRT hollandaise sauce which I completely stuffed this morning!

Even Steph's bible couldn't save me!

I veeel master eeet.

12:28 pm  
Anonymous Banglarecipes said...

Back home(Bangladesh)old people's food is the most healthy food habit.. interesting to me when i found that in health food or organic stores..example coconut oil, psllium husk,differ types of salts,organic food..list is too long..hope we will learn from them how to live our life..

2:06 pm  

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