Monday, November 15, 2010

flowers and seeds

The rain! The heat! The insects!

Two weeks ago the garden looked a little out of control, yet I couldn't bring myself to rip out last seasons vegetables just yet. A fortnight on, the tiny veggie box is a monumental mess.

It's too wet to do much about it though.

The budding botanist in me is just a little in love with nature's cycle of bloom and decay.

The wonderful umbels. Can you see why I am deeply rooted in the old botanical order and have difficulty calling the Umbeliferae family Apiaceae?

Attempting to collect some seeds this year.

The belle of the ball. It was worth sacrificing a few spring onions, just to admire this magnificent Allium flower. Hopefully there'll be seeds to gather before the plague of locusts descend.

How does your Antipodean garden grow this spring?

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