Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crookssource updates

The copyright saga continues between the editor of Crooks Source Cooks Source and the blogger/academic whose work the publication stole without permission.

If you are curious to read the Monica's original emails the provoked the "my bad" response from Judith Griggs, scroll down to the updates on my post for the links and latest news.

Update 20/11/10 The Cooks Source site appears to have been sold, leased or hacked as it's now redirected to a web wrangling business.

The Boston Globe article (published three days ago) mentioned that Cooks Source had recently published the following statement.
"The bad news is that this is probably the final straw for Cooks Source," says the unsigned note posted on Cooks Source website. "We have never been a great money-maker even with all the good we do for businesses. Having a black mark wont help ... and now, our black mark will become our shroud. ... This will end us."
... "I really wish she (Monica Gaudio) had given me a chance to respond to her before blasting me. She really never gave me a chance."

As previous links show, Gaudio had indeed, quietly and respectfully via email, made reasonable requests and it was Griggs arrogant response that most likely set the ball in motion.

Weeks later, Griggs is still crying that she is the victim in all this. When will she learn the irony of "her bad"?

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Anonymous Lucy said...

Yep. A total lack of "my bad" and infact, downright polite.

Monica deserves what she gets, I say. If that's what's passing for professionalism these days, I wanna get off the planet right now.

9:20 am  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Or perhaps you meant Judith the editor get's what she deserves?

12:25 pm  
Anonymous Lucy said...

Um, yes.

See, I am SO out of the loop.

5:30 pm  
Anonymous Lucy said...

Oh, and I just realised that that is my very own "my bad".

Most amusing.

5:32 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

But Lucy even when you're bad you're good :)

8:28 am  

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