Monday, May 12, 2008

blogging with a purpose

Most of us like getting an award, even if our modesty gets in the way some of the time. To be acknowledged by your peers is a darn fine thing. It seems that Kitchenetta at Got No Milk considers me a blogger with to be a purpose. “How nice" I thought, “Someone else gets me!” So thanks very much Kitchenetta. I will continue to share with the blogoshpere ways to make yummy and healthy dairy-free food.

Pay it forward time. As health is my passion, I’ll stick to the theme and joyously award the following for blogging with a purpose:

1. Lucy at Nourish Me. Some of you may have noticed there is a bit of a mutual love link-fest going on between the two of us at the moment but that is for a very good reason. Lucy is also a believer that healthy food can taste great and be low in the animal products too. If you are not familiar with Nourish-Me then you are in for a delight, especially with her great photographic work.

2. Kathryn at Limes and Lycopenes. A Sydney nutritionist, quietly educating the world with tips and treats for sound eating. Keep up the good work Kathryn!

3. Melissa at Gluten-free for Good. I’m a newcomer to her blog this year and have been thoroughly enjoying her gluten-free goodness. You don’t have to be a celiac to try Melissa’s recipes or read her thoughts, they are a treat for one and all.

I’d like to reward everyone who drops by for Reading with a Purpose. Thanks to you all.

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Blogger Lucy said...

A very, VERY well-deserved award - Kitchenetta regularly makes my day, as, I must say, do you!

(Insert blushing icon)

In such good company, too. Thank you. Shall pass it on in due course!

7:40 am  

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