Friday, August 10, 2007

so long and thanks for all the satay

I managed to nip out and farewell one of my favourite lunch spots today. I’d been given the heads up last week when I was at Sataybar at Manchester Lane that they’d got an offer too good to refuse on the site and were closing in the near future. That turned out to be today. As of monday they will only be operating out of their flagship eatery in Custom House Lane.

For the last few years their tofu satays with luscious peanut sauce and a gorgeous salad, have been a lunchtime treat when I needed a little sparkle in my day. Perhaps for my waistline it’s not a bad thing – a 10 block round trip could burn off a little of the excess calories!

Keep an eye on their website for a new location in the central CBD, hopefully in the coming year. Though their site is not up to date at present.

Ironically Sataybar, the Manchester Lane bar in particular, got a mention in today’s EG! The guys were too busy to even notice it.



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