Thursday, May 31, 2007

samphire update

The week got away from me a little. It’s visitor time, that means – eating out, other people cooking or having to cook for other people’s palates. It wasn’t til days later that I got a sneaky meal on my own and time to experiment. But getting home tired and hungry after 7 pm doesn’t find me in the most creative headspace.

I compromised, wanting quick carb comfort food. Knocking up wholemeal pasta with a speedy oil based tuna sauce, I added the well rinsed samphire in the last few minutes of cooking, around the time the tin of tuna went in. The ‘sauce’ du jour (not very saucy but a good stir through mix) was onion, lashings of garlic and some diced zucchini to get the mandatory vegetable component. Lastly a can of good quality tuna and the salty samphire instead of my usual olives, finished off with some parsley from the garden, black pepper, salt and a squeeze of lime juice.

The samphire had a little crunch left which added a pleasant texture. Cooked, it was less salty than raw still with a hint of the sea. Even if it was really a salt marsh.

I look forward to more samphire experimentation in future.

Note: Samphire still on sale at Vic Market today at $30/kg (it’s lighter than you think).

Feijoas down a notch: $4 kg but a bit smaller in size. The samphire stall has plumper ones but at a whopping $12 kg.

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Blogger Ed said...

Did you see did a samphire round-up. Apparently in Saudi they farm it and it doesn't require fresh water. Sounds like the ideal drought crop and it's time to buy up marshy swamps full of the stuff. The food of the future!

9:12 am  
Blogger Bwca said...

Reading about you creating a delicious meal could possibly be Culinary Pronography ?
God I love olives.
recently I discovered the IGA in Edwardes St Reservoir and their Deli section is a DREAM.
EIGHTEEN different types of olive on display (and 118 cheeses).
There was also a neighbouring cake shop - a real Old Aussie cakeshop which was fabulous and packed full of customers - packed !

keep on cookin'

9:55 am  

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