Wednesday, August 30, 2006

spring fling

Au revoir coffee,

How I have been relishing our recent reacquaintance each morning. I had been away for a while. I claimed you made me feel not quite right. I blamed you for that frisson of nervousness tingling through me. That may have been so, but I still loved you.

Once more I am to take a break from our relationship. Spring is almost upon us. It is the season to cleanse and revitalise. Tomorrow I will arise without your companionship. I will have my last fishy-fleshed meal for a week or so. I will have no alcohol (the grog is more a relative than a love affair, so please don't be jealous). On the weekend I will ‘fast’ on fruit and water. How fun that will be! To savour each crunchy mouthful of an apple or feel the sweet tang of kiwi on my tongue. By Monday salads will join the menu, then steamed vegetables and by the end of the week various morsels of vegetarian protein.

Then maybe my dear friend, in a week or two, we can have a date once more.

Til we meet again




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