Monday, April 24, 2006


Despite meteorological promises of a brief return to temperatures in the low 20’s over the next few days, Melbourne has been decidedly chilly for a while. For me this means successive pots of soup on the stove and a return to romancing the spud.

Potatoes are a comfort food. One I tend to limit for some ridiculous reason. But it was a podcast on Irish food that got me going all over again. Just the week before I had been cooked cabbage, sautéed in olive oil til soft and more-ish. Hearing of the delights of this traditional dish, a combination of mashed potato and cabbage – I had to make it.

Not being a fan of milk, but perversely of butter, I took the notion and ran with it recipe-less in my usual manner. Here’s my ‘blueprint’ – let’s not go so far to call it an actual recipe.

Mashed potatoes and cabbage by any other name
Put some potatoes on to simmer in some salted water. I used organic coliban, which seemed perfect for the job.

In a heavy based fry pan sauté some onion, when soft add a little garlic and an anchovy or two. Chop as much cabbage as you can eat and add it to the pan. You will need to stir frequently until it too has softened.

About this time the spuds should be about done. Drain well, add lashing of butter, salt and pepper. Mash. Now combine the exquisitely cooked cabbage and onion with the mash.


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Blogger Crystal said...

Went to the supermarket for some barley to put in soup.
Shelf empty.
Went to other (also huge chain) supermarket for barley.
Shelf empty.
Conclusion? Plenty of people make their own soup ( I compromised with a 'mix' of barley and other stuff and the soup (lamb shank) was delicious and just right for the weather.
Cabbage and mash eh? right onto it.

8:32 pm  
Blogger Brownie said...

oh that Crystal is a drunken hussy.
She thinks soup cures hangovers.

Just enjoyed this Ethical Food Shopping item in the UK telegraph and had to share ... xxx

9:57 pm  

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